Amnel - "Colorful, whimsical, joy-filled, experimental... that is my soul... that's my SOUND! House Music, World Music, Soul Music - I dig it all." 

Her Story

Amnel has a testimony, and she is willing to share it with anyone who will listen.  Her voice, an ever-present example of a life lived, is a force unto itself.  She considers it a gift from God.  As she grows, so does her music.  Amnel is always evolving. 

Her creative journey began before she could even speak.  As a toddler, Amnel’s father would play songs she knew; purposely out of key to get a rise out of her and by it develop her “musical ear”.  As her understanding of music continued to unfold, Amnel started to be more active in anything related to the arts, especially song.  A lover of dance, she began training at four.  In the 6th grade Amnel wanted to join a dance crew.  “It was full so I got stuck with the choir [instead].”  It was this seemingly small event that would prove to be life altering, moving her closer to crafting the sound that fans have come to know today. 

Born in New York City, Amnel was “shipped to the Dominican Republic for good behavior”.  While living in the island’s capital city, Santo Domingo, she discovered the difference between singing as a hobby and performing competitively and professionally.  She also learned early on that mixing fun into your performance makes for a winning outcome.

Amnel began cultivating her stage presence and confidence while touring the Dominican Republic with Disco Town, a disco and funk band.  Touring quickly became one of her passions.  Not only did it give her a chance to display her vocal talents, but she was able to use her music to break boundaries and empower listeners from all backgrounds.  

Amnel’s music transcends specific genres.  She has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Dominican Rock giant Tony Almont and legendary house music vocalist Mj White.  Both whom have been incredible inspiration to her throughout the years. She continues to reveal her talents, through live performances, to those unfamiliar with her sound.  She has performed at New York City’s renowned party - I’ll House You - developed and curated by Oscar P.
But, in her words: Performing at the 2012 Winter Music Conference’s Women Man the Decks and Foundations was beyond words. This is where she gained certainty her heart belong to this genre.
This thing of beauty called House Music.

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